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Artist Statement

Since my pregnancy in 2020 i started to very much concentrate my artistic work on my state of being and becoming. I begun a quite extensive research on artists and writers who did works about pregnancy, motherhood, birth, care work. Shocked by the invisibility of these subjects in the art context and at the same time convinced by their importance, also from a political and feminist point of few i got more and more obsessed. Finding bit by bit and above all finding very touching and strong pieces i got totally dedicated. I made an artist book containing all the art works, poems and text fragments i found combining my own works i did during my pregnancy, reflecting all the parallels, kinships and the very wide range of feelings and life realities and their expressions.

In the first few months after the birth of my daughter in February 2021, I reduced my artistic practice mainly to drawing. However, it became a constant with which I reflected extensively and profoundly on this unique and intense stage of my life. The few hours, rather minutes, of daily drawing became my very personal time of concentration on myself. Feelings, perceptions, needs, situations of everyday life - I just start drawing, quickly, while the child is still sleeping; see what's going on inside me - make me aware, show me what's on my mind. In terms of content and practice, the boundaries between diary and drawing, diary and art merge - which is why I basically call my practice of diary writing a part of my artistic practice and my artistic work my diary.
Different forms of diary have become infinitely valuable and fundamental for me and an incredibly satisfying, insightful practice that delighted, amused, surprised, amazed and confirmed me.
Since i always worked a lot with video, I also made several videos that describe the everyday life with my child. The simultaneity of being a mother, a caretaker and an artist who is striving to continue working and needing to process questions of identity, feelings of (inter-)dependency, tasks, responsibilities, ambivalent feelings, different roles, strong and also gradual changes of the self, and many more.



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