Melissa Louise Bolger


Melissa Louise Bolger


Melissa Bolger

Artist Statement

My current work is guided by the loss of my mother, who died tragically at a young age. Many years after she died, I received a wildly colorful, crocheted Afghan blanket she had made. Holding this Afghan, I could see the hours she spent sewn through each stitch and knot. It was a profound moment in my life and a turning point for my art practice. I used this blanket as a point of reference to unlock early memories of my childhood, finding a renewed bond with my mother. I selected my favorite color square and asked my siblings to select their favorites too. I took all of our favorite colors, crocheted a granny square and then drew that object that connects us all. As I worked, I thought about all the hours that go into being a parent. I thought about domesticity and womanhood, and the creativity behind the crafts that help us meditate, heal and decompress. These realistic renderings are portraits of connections to family. These drawing are my way of giving something back to my mother and also creating something completely new from an old object.




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