Jacqueline Bell Johnson


Jacqueline Bell Johnson


Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Artist Statement

I spent almost 2 decades of my life with a chronic illness that was presumed to make pregnancy impossible. My work at that time explored the concepts of a body shriveled, of war between thought and failure, and anger at the system I was locked into. When I had children, at first, the art I made were these fleeting seconds of beauty in between the demands of infants. Now that my children are at an age (3 and 5) where they can participate with me on artistic adventures and pursue their own. We do projects together at times, collaborating in art making. I also take their portraits, fascinated at how such young little people can have fully developed personalities of their own. I watch them play and want to capture that magical disposition. My work et al is inherently feminist; addressing my past, and larger considerations of gendered labor, including the caregiving labor expected of women both inside and outside the home.



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