Kelly Marshall


Kelly Marshall


Kelly Marshall

Artist Statement

As a visual artist, I have long been interested in using abstract images and multimedia applications to investigate gendered and sexualized experiences. I am confronting my profound anger about the treatment of women in both historical and contemporary social contexts through violence, marginalization, discrimination, and bias. That anger is matched by my interest in the aesthetic experience of beauty and exploring forms that inspire that experience. Throughout my art practice, I am gathering fabric and shaping it over my body, to explore a relationship between women’s labor, the domestic space, and my personal experience of it. I am also examining how these roles impact privacy, intimacy, and cultural dictations of motherhood. With the curve of my body on the hard concrete and a tablecloth as my only cover, I contemplate the weight of isolation as in contrast to privacy. These textiles are charged with ontologies that circulate around the history of adornments and their role in a marketplace that thrives because of their investment in images of women as sexual objects, and their dependence on the labor of bodies that have been historically disenfranchised because of their class, race, and gender.



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