Olivia de Fleuriot Perry


Olivia de Fleuriot Perry


Olivia de Fleuriot Perry


British Columbia

Artist Statement

As an artist and mother, I interweave the performative gestures of motherhood in my soft sculptural forms, consisting of fabric, yarn, and thread. My recent work, presented in the four-part installation, "Composite Tension" ("Corpus", "Slew", "Cleave" and "Tensile"), is informed by a personal archive, "Documentation Series: Year Off" (2018), where I took videos of my maternal body in relation to my child. I re-watched the videos each day and wrote my observations in two notebooks. The notebooks recorded my anxieties of being a good mother; separation, and the weaning process. I shredded and incorporated the handwritten pages into the sculpture "Corpus". The pregnant body is a vessel for containment, yet it exudes and spills out. The messiness extends to how the pregnant/maternal body exists as a part of another and is undefinable within patriarchal-capitalistic society. Through the discourse of craftivism, I investigate the tensioned relationship between motherhood and the artworld. The sculptures in "Composite Tension" are more than just undefinable messy bodies—they are messy bodies with the potential to speak about care within an institution. The softness, labour, and time speak to care. As I place them in the gallery space they remain as caring objects; as soft undefinable bodies. They are messy bodies; they are political bodies.



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