The Mothership Project


The Mothership Project


The Mothership Project is a network of parenting artists in Ireland. The Mothership Project aims to support parenting artists in the development of their practice and to encourage arts organisations to make the art world a more inclusive place for artists with children. The Mothership Project wants to see societal and institutional change for parents in the art world. Being a parent can be challenging at the best of times, but with precarious circumstances and incomes, and uncertain futures parenting artists can be doubly challenged within a society that is lacking many supports for those with children.



Organzation Director

The Mothership Project is currently managed collectively by four artists :
Leah Hillard, Michelle Browne, Seoidín O’Sullivan and Tara Kennedy. They organise and administer the workings of the network. There are many artist parents who have
contributed to this project and The Mothership exists through the collective effort and generosity of the many creative minds and caring bodies that have willed it into being.
Leah Hillard
Michelle Brown
Seoidín O’Sullivan
Tara Kennedy


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