The M Word


The M Word


United Kingdom


Curatorial Statement

The M Word includes ‘The M Wall’ a collection of works dedicated to the subject of perinatal mental health and its interconnection with Art. The works included in the collection will not only be a visual depiction of the artists’ struggles, ways of coping and coming to terms with their personal maternal experiences, they will also raise the question of how art can support, reinforce and promote good mental health. The aim of this collection is to tour across the country in a variety of exhibition venues, conferences and seminars, with the intention of raising awareness of and opening up a conversation around the subjects and issues depicted within the works. It will form the basis for a growing collection and going forward, artists are able to apply to submit works into this collection by sending an email to The M wall artists are Helen Sargeant, Rachel Fallon, Caroline Kelley, Lauren Mclaughlin, Laura Fooks, Katy Howe, Amy Dignam, Debbie Lee, and Tracey Kershaw.


Katy Howe
Leni Dothan
Sophia Marinkov Jones
Leanne Pearce
Dawn Yow


May 2 - May 12, 2019



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