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Desperate Artwives


Established in 2011 by Artist and Mother Amy Dignam whilst pregnant with her third child. Initially as a platform for women artists who are also mothers Desperate Artwives was the only one of its kind at that time. From there it quickly grew into a strong collective of female artists most of who are mothers but also includes women who have other caring responsibilities who wanted to bring together reactive and proactive art to challenge stereotypes, call up social issues and create a visible international platform from which to do this. DAW has become a space for activism and motherhood. The collective produces group shows, protest-like subversive takeovers in public spaces as well as gallery spaces, performance events, exhibitions, workshops and talks that challenge the status quo, open up the lives of women around the world and basically shout loud. DAW aims to continually widen the scope of the women and mothers that it reaches around the world through embracing new technologies and new ways of sharing work online. The latest DAW initiative is the WOMAN UP! podcast, a series of interview in collaboration with Artist Susan Merrick and in association with the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmith’s College.


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