Creative Collaborative Mothers


Creative Collaborative Mothers


CreativeCollaborative Mothers is an art project initiated by New Delhi based artist Ruchika Wason Singh .Its is based on the belief, that motherhood is a universal experience and an energy; which can transform itself to the understanding of extended realities, beyond borders and cultures. The project is structured as a residency , with the aim of bringing together artist mothers for a period of one week. To collaborate , to live together, to exchange notes and to create in a homely space , is the focus of the project. The participating artists are free to explore new collaborations or find extensions of their previous projects through their dialogues.

The project shall provide support of space for studio and accommodation to the participating artists, in a warm and cosy bungalow in the hills of Uttarakhand, India. All other expenses are to be borne by the artists themselves. The project is as much focused on the process , as also the product. At the end of the residency, each participating artist is expected to submit in original , two works on paper produced during the stay and a text piece on the process , impacted by the residency and the scope of exchange and dialogue it provided.The works and text submitted (in an A4 size folder) shall be a part of an archive .

Currently, the project is self – funded by Ruchika Wason Singh. Participating artists are expected to apply for funding if required.



Organzation Director

Ruchika Wason Singh


“Creative Collaborative Mothers,” Artist Parent Index , accessed July 19, 2024,

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