Emilia Javanica


Emilia Javanica


Emilia Javanica


Ann Arbor

Artist Statement

I write plays, perform characters, design puppets and costumes, and direct live performance and video productions. Through my work I aim to amplify the complex and often contrasting emotions that permeate everyday human life, taking inspiration from my own experiences. I approach the human struggle from a standpoint of humor and empathy, and intend to blur social and personal boundaries through my work. Recent themes have included body image, international relationships, parenting, and the search for meaning (and meaninglessness) in life. I see my audience as collaborators, and often incorporate participatory elements into my performances. For example, my audience participants have worn ugly teeth while playing limbo under a giant mouth to disco music, photographed themselves washing the dishes and pumping breastmilk in full body suits, drawn sketches of me in a naked old man costume in front of others, thrown fish at a couple having (pretend) sex on a boat, and been showered in endless amounts of tomato juice. The productions I direct have featured 7-person bands, flying contraptions, red blob puppets, life-size rocket ships, fake blood, little devils, and dismembered body parts. My work is darkly humorous and celebrates the ridiculous side of life.



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