Rosie Gunn


Rosie Gunn


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

The 3 screen high definition video installation ‘living room’, captures the banality of the domestic scene and contrasts this with the performance that the children create with in it. The living room is perhaps their stage – a place for them to try out ideas and show off. But also a multifunctional space for them to play, work, argue, relax and so on. It is a rather claustrophobic and chaotic piece that reflects the dominance that the kids have in the family living room during the holiday period. "As a mother and woman artist, I have been interested in my son’s games, words, songs and drawings and have made other work around these themes. Recently my daughter is becoming part of this work. The dialogue I have with my kids about the work I make is really important. I continue to ponder the implications of featuring my children in artwork that I might exhibit publicly and want to include them as part of a playful process in it’s development. I hope they regard the resulting images as representing celebration, desire, passionate attachment as well as sometimes showing trouble and tension."



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