Rachel Foster


Rachel Foster




Artist Statement

The voice of the mother is strong in my domestic scenes; she is an omniscient force, a conductor, or a referee. Chaos and clutter are represented with repetition and an
uncomfortable relationship with perspective. The drama and disruption are tempered
with an overt appreciation for the physicality of the act of painting and the closeness of
family. Building the domestic environment with color and pattern, and representing the
daily conflicts and developments with symbolism and metaphor are some of the ways I
tell the story of the evolution of the family.
The unexpected crisis has become a distinct character in my paintings, an insistent, loud, and powerful figure. Relationships shift and strain under the weight of the addition,
creating opportunities for growth, and causing each member to adjust expectations held
dear for the future. The unappealing and frightening moments are as beautiful as the
peaceful and happy times, and require people to reevaluate their priorities.



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