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Artist Statement

I express the world I see and feel through my child on a piece of paper.
After deciding on a theme, I draw by creating shapes with a brush. The paper is primed with gesso, and then the colors and lines are applied on top. Although it depends on the size of the work, I usually complete it in about five days.
During this time, the mother (I) sits close to the child, nurses it, and spends most of her time there.
It is exactly "a mother spends her time being eaten by her child". My mother still wants to paint. A lot of time is spent to come up with a single line. Therefore, the artworks of these 9 years are mostly small works and drawing.

These works, and the figures depicted in them, use complex lines and colors to express more of the mother's deep emotions. The part that corresponds to the face of the human figure is painted with many small faces, dots and lines, things like eyes, and things like teeth. It is devised so that a third party (viewer) can see human facial expressions differently depending on the viewing position, viewing angle, and emotion. Human facial expressions show many expressions in a short time. Laugh when you think you're angry, sad when you think you're laughing. It is difficult to draw many facial expressions on one sheet of paper. Then I think it would be nice if I could put all those emotions in there and feel what I wanted to see.

The reason why I paint is a simple desire to remember my child. We all want to keep something in our memory for something we love and cherish.
My method of memory retention (painting) is very simple and classic. However, for me, that method is the most familiar and familiar, and the action is one of the means to confirm the significance of my existence.



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