Anna Wańtuch


Anna Wańtuch


Anna Wańtuch

Artist Statement

In her works, she deals with the visibility of motherhood and parental themes. She is the author of a series of video performances MOT/HER KC in which she observed bodily changes during pregnancy. She presented the latter work at the Parallel Festival in Vienna, at the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS festival and many others. This work was shortlisted for the only international competition for caring artists, the Mother Art Prize, and was shown at a group exhibition in London in March 2023. Author of the performance Mothersuckers: A production about reproduction concerning the issue of motherhood, breastfeeding and being a mother artist.
Together with her husband, Filip Wańtuch, she explores the aspects of the interpenetration of what is private with what is public, as well as the threads of everyday life and home space with children. In the photo project Lovers they remix images of lovers from famous paintings, "putting" them into their bodies and the space of their own home. Since 2012, she has been experimenting with the movement of an adult with a child



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