Robin Assner-Alvey


Robin Assner-Alvey


Robin Assner-Alvey


Artist Statement

As a forty-three-old plus size woman and artist who has two young children, I feel an irresistible need to photograph myself. Navigating motherhood is a unique experience, one that I wasn’t prepared for but one that I have thoroughly embraced. I’ve always had a strained relationship with my body, but once my daughters were born that relationship changed. I grew new life inside of me and now I was nourishing them from my body. I’m still amazed that I was able to create an entirely new life inside of myself and that my body knew exactly what to do to make that happen. These photographs capture the various facets of motherhood and the toll it has on the body.

I also have been using alternative photographic processes like Cyanotypes and Turmeric printing, to make photograms with the postpartum detritus leftover from my cesarean aftercare. The enormously large pads, the flimsy mesh underwear, and the restrictive belly bands are used to help start the healing process once the baby has been born. They are peculiar objects that became fodder for me to come to terms with my childbirth experiences.



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