Emma Finucane


Emma Finucane


County Wicklow

Artist Statement

I develop artwork through dialogue, process based, participatory and collaborative practice. I investigate the way we connect and communicate with others and ultimately how it contributes to the quality of our lives. I am looking at the role of the artist in society and questioning how “useful” the role of art can be when entering into different areas. My work has frequently combined education, research and artistic practice. My visual research consists of screen print, digital images and photography, slides and video experiments. I have been using video in both documentary and performance based formats, combining live action with static projections, improvisation and language.

I am currently Artist in Residence in UCD College of Health Sciences where I am the principle investigator on a research team with a midwifery lecturer Dr. Maria Healy (UCD) and midwife, Teresa McCreery based at the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street. Together we are working on the research initiative: An interpretive phenomenological study: Illuminating childbirth experiences of women attending a midwife-led service via visual art works. Insights from this research will highlight women’s lived experiences of childbirth vis visual artworks and academic publications. The final artworks will be included in the UCD Health Sciences Library in book format as an educational tool alongside academic books.



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