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Casaundra Beard



Artist Statement

My work represents my frustrations about domestic life, by communicating the raw, unfiltered side of how my anxiety and motherhood sometimes coincide. By addressing the harsh stigmas society has towards both anxiety and motherhood, I hope to normalize the reality rather than continue the cycle of these idealized notions of what motherhood is supposed to be. My work may appear selfish at times, but I think that is ok, and should become the societal norm. It is a part of the job description as a parent that your needs become second to your child’s, but your needs must not be forgotten. The work that I am creating allows me to release my frustrations about domestic life, and motherhood is a part of that. Recognizing my faults as a person, as a mother, and learning from them can only make me better at my job. I visually express the exhaustion I feel from the seemingly constant and endless amount of housework with Good Moms Need Help II. I used a domestic object, an ironing board, I then bent and twisted until it became useless. Useless in the sense of being an ironing board. It appears sad, tired, it is trying desperately to perform its duties but can’t. I should be able to discuss my feelings and frustrations without ridicule but that is not often the case. I am often met with, “you’ll miss these days,” resulting in my feelings being again disregarded, and as if I can feel nothing but happiness about motherhood or I am viewed as ungrateful. Will I miss this time in my children’s lives? Absolutely. Is it also valid that some days the housework and messes they create are exhausting and make me go crazy to the point I complain, absolutely.


CARE, Virtual Art Exhibition by Dear Artists in collaboration with Artist/Mother Podcast
Socially Distanced, Brick City Gallery, Springfield, MO



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