Delpha Hudson


Delpha Hudson


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

I paint chaotic and dystopian domestic scenes. In surreal and crowded spaces women and children gesture as if from a medieval illuminated manuscript, or an Old Master like Bosch or Michelangelo. I choreograph powerful female protagonists and situate them in new imaginary realms to challenge domestic legacies that make women and mothers invisible.


Richly textured compositions use the fluidity of dripped bitumen with oil colour to create dynamic networks or patterns of ambiguous realism. The painting process is textual and performative, bodily creating figures that are excessive yet relatable. Small, cherubic, troublesome children embroil us in a palimpsest of narratives that question historical hierarchies and power structures.


My practice aims to excavate lived experience and initiate new conversations about value. Art is a space to open up cultural and social signification and ask for change.


Distanced Domestic exhibition by co.curation, London


Publication of performance Theatre of the Self project with maternal mental health diaries



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