Larysa Bauge


Larysa Bauge


Larysa Bauge

Artist Statement

My work challenges the very nature of the concept of belonging, roots, the necessity of being part of something bigger, a family, a tribe, a community, etc. I take this basic instinct as a main poetic driving force, I am on a quest of reestablishing (lost) connections between people. Strongly influenced by the socially engaged and feminist art practices, I usually work directly with the context and collaborate with concrete people in form of interview, collective music making, improvised theatre. Having gathered this material, I create embodied experiences (performance art pieces), often using sound and participative practices in public spaces. In the performance CÁRITAS, me (still childless, choosing then to be childfree) and my childless 70-yearold friend are in a barn with young cows raised for meat only. The piece is a reflection on what is female body if not used for reproduction, how does the maternity of our beings manifest itself.



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