Anna Goldsmith


Anna Goldsmith


Anna Goldsmith


Artist Statement

Parenting is exhausting. Parenting during a pandemic can feel soul crushing. In this piece we can only see the mother's eyes -- and the endless stream of words flowing through her, like a mantra gone awry. Because like all mothers she is going on (and on). Creating art -- and finding some humor in this time -- has kept me (somewhat) sane. The art I've been working on is based on snippets of conversations I've had with other moms over social media. We are all doing the best we can. We are all going on and on even if we really just want to is just lie down and have some time to ourselves. Or in the words echoed by many friends, "Parents weren't meant to spend this much time with their kids."

Anna is an artist, writer and mother living in Portsmouth, NH. She has recently gotten back into art after a 10 year hiatus, which is (not coincidentally) the age of her oldest son.



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