Kim Dhillon


Kim Dhillon


Vancouver Island

Artist Statement

Kim Dhillon writes, organizes projects, and makes works that explore the legacies of Second Wave feminism and of Conceptualism. She is part of the on-going research collaboration Invisible Spaces of Parenthood with artist Andrea Francke. In 2010, Dhillon initiated _Crib Notes _(2010-ongoing), a series of talks and tours for parents and carers with children under 5 at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. She has since 2012 led a campaign for changes in policy and infrastructure at the Royal College of Art to increase accessibility, support, and visibility of parents in the student body and faculty. This research led to the publishing of a chapter on “Invisible Care: Care Provision for Infants and Children in UK Art Schools” in the forthcoming _We Need to Talk About the Family: Essays on Neoliberalism, The Family, and Popular Culture _(Cambridge Scholars). She has developed a course module "Radical Pragmatics" (2014) for MA level art and design students at the RCA to re-imagine the potential of workplace childcare in an art school.



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