The Vision of Care


The Vision of Care


The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum


Curatorial Statement

The Vision of Care brings together work by 23 artists working across various media to highlight the role art plays, to use the words of care theorists Joan C. Tronto and Bernice Fisher, “in maintaining and repairing our world so that we can live in it as well as possible.”
Artist/mothers lead this exhibition in an homage to the many pioneers, such as artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles and theorist Sara Ruddick, who for decades have been using maternal experiences to develop new ways of thinking about the ethics of care. Rebekah Tolley’s two new works created for The Vision of Care spotlight the crisis of inequity in our childcare system during the pandemic, which has made clear that those who care for young children in or outside of the home are essential workers. Kahori Kamiya’s explosive wall sculpture embodies the joy and struggles of breastfeeding, offering an antidote to the feelings of guilt that sometimes accompany the latter[...]


Fern Apfel
Michelle Brandemuehl
Courtney Dudley
Ashley Garrett
Fran Goodwin
Courtney Haeick
Yasemin Kackar-Demirel
Kahori Kamiya
Carole Kunstadt
Linda Lauro-Lazin
Madison LaVallee
Jadina Lilien
Dorothea Osborn
Rob O’Neil
Lisa Poquette
Pam Poquette
Kelsey Renko
Richard Scherr
Christopher Skura
Rebekah Tolley
Hana Van der Kolk
Hanna Washburn
Brian Wood


April 9 – May 23, 2021



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