Jen Hintz Eggers


Jen Hintz Eggers

Artist Statement

I am a painter working primarily with oils and gouache creating abstractions with saturated colors, geometric patterns, and natural forms. Art making, particularly painting, has long been an integral part of my identity. I've chosen to hold space and time in my life for painting repeatedly because it functions as a vehicle for introspection, meditation, and exploration. Making patterns by repeating simple shapes requires patience, commitment, and faith in many small gestures to build the whole. I use recurring motifs inspired by personal experience, Judeo-Christian religious spaces, and mother nature herself. Often my pieces will start from direct observation like a moonrise, a meadow in late fall, or the wind moving grasses. As the paintings grow, I intuitively add layers of abstraction and symbolism such as the flower of life, the star of David, and phases of the moon. My painting has explored the intersection between my desire for the familiarity and community of organized religion and being drawn to a more solitary spiritual practice rooted in nature. Currently my work is turning to explore themes of motherhood, breastfeeding, and creating life.



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