Grace Cross


Grace Cross


Cape Town
South Africa

Artist Statement

Grace Cross (b. Harare, Zimbabwe 1988) is a material painter who draws symbols about motherhood, home, belief structures, and land; making shipting recipe's rooted in feminism, history, performative archaeology and African cosmology, to reflect her experiences of cultural transmission. Her painting practice, since the birth of her daughter, focuses on female storytelling, spirituality, and mining symbols of motherhood in her lush and colourfilled canvases. Her paintings seek to represent a cosmological world, where paint weaves images together to work as spells or incantations. The painded symbols thread ideas together, daming and mending, compositionally sewing the symbolic into the real, tethering the objects to one another. She traces a history of laboring women, their bloodline, their red thread of fate, through her paintings - placenta red, metnrual red, nipple-suked-raw red. This is the tie that binds - an umbilical cord - the maternal line. The thread is fine buth strong; it will not come undone; even as it unspools, running from the distant past to the present, from one canvas to another. Cross lives and works as a mother and painter in Cape Town


Mother is a Drum, 2019, Smith Studio, Cape Town
Atlas is a Woman, 2020, The Vault, Zeitz Silo Hotel, Cape Town



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