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Madison Omahne



Artist Statement

WOMB PROJECT STATEMENT: This 9 month long documentation explores the physical changes artist, Madison Omahne experienced throughout her first pregnancy.  By crocheting around herself during this period, she creates a "womb-like" soft sculpture, which protects and comforts her, just as her womb protects and comforts her growing baby.  Omahne utilizes the repetitive process of crocheting, a traditional craft, to reflect on her pregnancy, her body, and her baby growing inside.  As her baby continues to grow and begins to manipulate her body, it is apparent that the sculpture is doing the same.  The more the baby grows, the more difficult it becomes for the artist to continue creating her work.  However, it is inevitable that she continues.  This is catharsis.  At last, when the sculpture is complete it is then deconstructed by the artist to reveal the greatest work of art, her baby.


Madison Omahne received her MFA in Sculpture at Brooklyn College in 2011, where she studied under renowned artists such as Vito Acconci and Patricia Cronin.  She currently lives and works in her home studio with her husband, son, and two dogs in Cleveland, OH.




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