Alexandra Knox


Alexandra Knox


Alexandra Knox


South Carolina

Artist Statement

My most recent body of work utilizes themes relating to body, identity and time, from the perspective of a mother, partner and individual. I am interested in the ways that nurturing and caring for a child translates as occupational labor, and how this makes common cause with the working class by exploring the laborious nature of parenthood. I approach these ideas through various methods, including casting, construction and performance. While the different series in this body of work investigate separate ideas relating to roles of the postpartum body, a shared use of material can be seen throughout. Construction materials such as wooden pallets, 2x4s and scaffolding reference blue collar workforce, while breast milk storage bags and nursing pads suggest the time-consuming and repetitive notions associated with motherhood. The series in this body of work evolves as my role as a caretaker evolves, and aims to question how modern society values parenthood.



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