Painting at Night


Painting at Night


Curatorial Statement

Painting at Night is the result of a conversation between Artist/Mother founder Kaylan Buteyn, and juror Allison Reimus. In episode 28 of the Artist/Mother podcast, Allison recalls an article published in the  New York Times, in which the writer states “you can’t paint at night in your kitchen and hope to be a good artist. It doesn’t work that way.” As an act of resistance and rejection, the two women created an open call for submissions from artists of all disciplines. 

The work submitted addresses the ways women are making excellent and inspiring work while also navigating the role of “mother" - navigating many themes such as domestic duties, lack of childcare, restraints on time, limited support, lack of space or resources, and, above all, the beauty and struggle of motherhood. 

The exhibition includes work from 28 artists from 20 different states working in several different media including painting, sculpture, fabric, installation, and video. Artist/Mother is also holding a correlated  online exhibition representing another 28 artists.  The online exhibition can be viewed at running the dates of the Fort Houston exhibition, March 7th-28th. 


Amy Reidel
Anne Herbert
Annie Hodgin
Ashley Peifer
Ashleigh Coleman
Ashlynn Browning
Bridgette Bogle
Catherine Reinhart
Christine Buckton Tillman
Cynthia Mason
Katherine Duclos
Kayla Plosz Antie
Laura Wennstrom
Lauren Rice
Lee Nowell-Wilson
Mariah Anne Johnson
Sarah Arriagada
Sheilah ReStack
Yasemin Kackar-Demirel


March 7 - March 28, 2020




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