Babsi Loisch


Babsi Loisch


Los Angeles

Artist Statement

As an artist, conversationalist, mover, and archivist, I use video, sound as well as
unconventional and overlooked materials like words, time, relationships and movement as
components to create. My work revolves around acknowledging the body as simultaneous site
of production, care and labor.

While the body of the mother is still only barely tolerated within the contemporary art world, I
want to replace this isolation with the idea of sharing community in times of personal struggle.
By using "physicality as production" as a methodological principle my work provides glimpses
into the maze of enigmas - time precarity, gender roles within the arts, labor relations and the
body as a multifaceted vehicle - that I am trying to find a way through and that allows others to
share my questions and ask questions with me.

Laying bare my experience in the strange, cozy, blurred zone of not being just one, but also not
being two the work aims to mirror and encourage an intimate approach to the interdependence
of minds and bodies. Embedded in curiosity, open-endedness and exposedness, I very much
believe in vulnerability and in art as a means of assemblage and survival in precarious times.
Seeing myself and my work as spinning a subtle thread of positive contamination, I want to think
of my practice as fostering a constellation in which art is a direct tribute to the spirit of sharing
and connection between communities.


2020 Homework, ArtCenter DTLA, Los Angeles
2020 Suffra-Jetting, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago
2019 CURRENT LA 2019- food, Palms Park, Los Angeles
2019 I’m here, Art in the Park, Los Angeles
2019 Female Gaze, Art Share LA, Los Angeles
2019 shifting staying changing dissolving, The Reef, Los Angeles
2018 Reading catalog launch Rattlesnake Bells in the Desert, LACE, Los Angeles
2018 Mileage Allowance, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena
2018 Mileage Allowance, 48 hours of Socially Engaged Art, RedLine, Denver
2018 Festival Screening MôTif Film Festival, Fairbanks, Alaska
2018 Mileage Allowance, HFA, Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, NY
2018 Rattlesnake Bells in the Desert, The Box, Los Angeles
2018 lactation room, CalArts, Los Angeles (solo)



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