Tracey Kershaw


Tracey Kershaw


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Tracey studied Fine Art at the University of Nottingham, and since graduating in 2011 has been developing her practice, which focuses on aspects of the maternal, including her evolving relationship with her son. She currently lives and works in Nottingham, practising from Backlit Studios.
Tracey’s maternal experience is central to her art practice. The profound and often overwhelming emotions that her motherhood brings have driven her to engage with other interrelated subjects such as fertility, ageing and the fragility of time passing.

After creating and exhibiting a number of maternally-themed works, Tracey undertook a one year residency at the University of Nottingham in 2012/13, and used this time to start developing her current project ‘tell me about your mother’. While her early work focussed mainly on her own relationship with her son, ‘tell me about your mother’ takes a less introspective direction, aiming to both celebrate and expose the powerful, yet often problematic, relationships between mothers and their children.


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