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Brittney Denham


Brittney Denham



Artist Statement

In 2018 while attending my grandmother’s funeral I found out I was pregnant. The timing of these two events felt cosmically connected. A person’s departure means another’s arrival. To say the phrase “full circle” was used emphatically is an understatement.

The Arrival examines the life altering complexities that come with motherhood. Complexities such as: the passing of traditions, constructing home, navigating all-nighters, growth charts, feeding schedules, all while trying to reconcile an identity crisis of being a mother and artist. Departing from who I was without a child, and arriving to who I am now as mother.

In this body of work, I use photography and printmaking techniques that make multiples or used processes that can be replicated. I also worked with cyanotypes, one of the first photographic processes used to produce copies, or blueprints. This process helps me to reference the beginning of my son’s life, but also a human coming from someone else, a copy of the original. Full circle.



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