Lex Marie


Lex Marie



Artist Statement

As a contemporary artist, I create based on visuals concepts of the imagination and real life. Including abstract techniques in my portraits and other pieces, allows room for the audience to connect to each body of work and identify themselves somewhere in the storyline. Uniquely I chose to opt out of outlining as done in my previous works, and focused on using bold color choices. My art represents my story, but I know it’s a story many know well.

In my Mother and Son series, I hope to reflect the honesty and beauty of motherhood, the ugly too. It’s far from perfect for any parent. No matter what walk of life you come from, this series is personal, it’s transgenerational, it’s ours. Mother and Son is a reminder that I’m not alone in this everchanging journey and makes light of precious fleeting moments along the way.


Artist Mother Studio x Project for Empty Space


Maternal Journal #2



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