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Artist Statement

Since 2010 my art has been about processing my experience of giving birth to and raising children—both the emotional aspect of it and the social context in which my stories are situated. To create a space of shared reflection, I created a collective called Institute of Mothering Artists, IOMA. Here is an excerpt from the manifesto of IOMA: “We are writing a new definition of the word “mother” where the work of caring does not assume a body of a woman, hence we want to use “mother” as an action verb. To mother means to care for or to protect someone or something.” (an excerpt from the manifesto for Institute of Mothering Artists, 2018) My thoughts on “mothering” were inspired by the stance of women who were mothering in the margins. In a book “Revolutionary Mothering,” a collection of writings by radical and queer black feminists, the editors Alexis Pauline Gumbs and China Martens, define mothering as an act of caring, nurturing, affirming, and supporting life. For me, mothering is doing the reproductive labor with love and using this very act of caring for others to fight the injustice. It is transforming the society while being transformed by the act of caring. In my personal art making, I try to capture this metamorphosing process that takes place when we take care of one another. The spaces I create through drawing, printmaking and installation become a metaphoric place where the visual elements and logic recreate the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.


2018 oh motHER, Custom House Leith, Edinburgh, UK
2018 Casual Kitchen Art, Curated by Super Ego, Junkere 11, Bern, Switzerland
2018 À Table, Ressources Urbaines, Genève, Switzerland
2017 Paradoxical, Pneu, Velodrome Jonction, Genève, Switzerland
2012 Reflections (Duo Exhibition), Paul Whitney Larson Gallery, University of Minnesota, MN, USA
2012 Blessings II, Gage Family Art Gallery, Augsburg College, MN, USA
2011 Women: Relationship and Identity, Curated by Sarah Sampedro, Homewood Studios, MN, USA



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