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Kasey Jones


Kasey Jones



Artist Statement

My creative pursuits are fueled by my need to connect with people. Through this human interaction, I become more connected to my immediate community and my global community. I use my artistic voice as a means for civic duty. My work instigates dialogue that forces my viewers to confront issues that are typically hard to talk about. I create both large-scale, participatory art projects as well as develop personal work that responds to pertinent social and environmental injustices that impact my life and the lives of others. As an interdisciplinary artist my approach is rooted in the exploration of material. By having an open-ended view of what materials I can use, my art making process is constantly being pushed by the varying limitations each material may have. My exploration of media has lead me to develop bodies of work in painting, photography, sculpture, living sculptures, audio, video, light and textiles. My current work focuses on the injustices I have faced through my experiences of being a woman and a mother in contemporary society. I have created bodies of work that examine topics such as breastfeeding, lack of paid maternity leave, menstruation, and motherhood.



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