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Angela Lopez


Angela Lopez



Artist Statement

ILThere might be magic. Like death, magic is hopeful and scary. A skull grows crystals and a prosthetic bruises. A small foot kicks and slides across the inside of a belly making a wave in the flesh. Sheep’s horns will often grow back into their skull. The body senses and interprets information beyond what the mind is conscious of. The body operates beyond our will and is affected internally by what happens externally and vice versa. As a result there is a lack of physical control over our own bodies. The most recent artworks are influenced by the idea of creating artifacts and documentation of the body and medical treatments in a time unknown. Like speculative fiction, but grounded in real history and the Anthropocene, the works re-imagine our physical and psychological relationship to the body. Using watercolor paintings, animations and sculptures the work depicts the body in metamorphic and sometimes magical states of growth and decay. They explore the familiar and the unknown of embodiment to reveal primal desires, instincts, and fears. The works appear frozen in a moment of metamorphosis, between states of sensuality, life, health and consciousness. Our bodies and psychology are presented as unknowable, yet inescapable, forces in our lives.



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