Saskia Saunders


Saskia Saunders



United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Saskia Saunders creates textural artworks using domestic materials, such as string, household linens and paint, that are metaphors for the fragility of life. This triptych of monoprints explores the ebb and flow of Saunders' identity, at times all consumed by motherhood, at times emboldened by it. The print blocks were created from nappy sacks wrapped around baby car seat packaging, the detritus of Saunders' day to day life as a mother.

From her travels in Japan, Saunders is inspired by the concepts of negative space (Ma) and embracing imperfections (Wabi-sabi).Creating space in each piece for the mind to focus, notice details and the light between.

Saunders' work is strongly linked to a sense of place, the home. Her art is an invitation to experience a calm pause, a moment of contemplation in a world of clutter and noise.

Saunders achieved a First Class degree Woven Textiles at the University of Brighton and has worked with woven textile design companies and social enterprises in New York, China and Cambodia.




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