Jane Glennie


Jane Glennie


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

My work comes from a position of ambivalence – more specifically through ambivalent motherhood. My father died when I was a child and my mother before I had my own children. The chain from parent to child to becoming a parent oneself was broken. My work is around the space between these broken links.
In psychoanalysis the container/contained notion, as introduced by Wilfred Bion, holds a neutral position, without judgement, that can be used as an approach to thinking about motherhood. It provides numerous ways of probing the question: 'who is the container and who is the contained?'. How does the relationship between mother and child stand at any one moment? How does one see oneself - as a mother or as a child? What is the basis of the container at that moment? What is the emotion of the contained? The container can be actual, practical, or explicit. It can be metaphoric, emotional or implicit. Container/contained is a recurring theme in my work as I explore the fluctuating emotions of ambivalence.




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