Belinda Kochanowska


Belinda Kochanowska



Artist Statement

Kochanowska uses an intuitive and self-reflexive process of photo-montage to express her psychological, spiritual and physical experience of pregnancy, motherhood and the natural world. Kochanowska draws from 16th, 17th and 18th century anatomical, botanical and natural history illustration to construct works teaming with fleshy distortions, flora, fauna and fantastical locations. Alternative mythologies are presented that are at once joyous, surreal, organic and deformed, blossoming with life, yet also brimming with a haunting disquiet.

Belinda Kochanowska is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Her practice frequently explores issues of memory, environment, women’s identity and physicality. She has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Australia, UK and USA, including international publications. Kochanowska has also worked as the Executive Officer for the Queensland Centre for Photography. Her work has been shortlisted for an international art prize and recently chosen for a 3 year International Exhibition touring the UK, Europe and USA: “Project Afterbirth”. Her work is held in “The Birth Rites Collection”, University of Salford (UK) and the collection of the Royal College Of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK).




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