Of Women


Of Women

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Of Women


New York

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, Rockaway Artist Alliance honors women and women artists of our generation.

Madison Ohmane Artist Statement: Artificial Human Milk The disconnect between mother and infant. The mother’s milk is removed from the breasts with a machine, it is transported, it is cooled for preservation, it is stored and readily available for consumption at a later date, it is consumed by the infant every 3 hours in her presence or not. The direct relationship between mother and infant is removed. The process becomes mechanical. The milk becomes a product. The mother’s milk becomes artificial. When the mother/infant relationship is diminished, what is the end result? What happens when the infant is removed from the mother’s womb and placed in an artificial environment? What happens when the substance made specifically for the infant is replaced with something artificial? When does science take a step back and let nature resume its course? Or not? This work, Artificial Human Milk utilizes familiar plastic milk jugs and infant bottle nipples to represent food as commodity. The objects are placed at eye height to confront the viewer’s relationship with their own children; with their own mother.



March 10 - April 8, 2018



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