Danila Rumold


Danila Rumold


New Mexico

Artist Statement

Gestation: As the name suggests it was inspired by my pregnancies. Responding to my experience of motherhood, my work is involved with the repetitive nature of parenting and how that can been reflected in art and the practice of mindfulness. Other concerns within the work are family, the process of birthing and its counterpart, loss. Although these issues have been personal concerns, they are ones which have been shared by woman throughout history.
Danila Rumold’s current series dissolves things seemingly in opposition. Deconstructing conventional notions of painting in her work, Rumold crosses over from painting into large-scale collage and installation. Employing household tools, such as stove-top burners and washing machines in the materials’ preparation, she blurs the commonly separated roles of care-taking and art-making. Sleeping, cooking and eating on top of paper results in spontaneous mark-making, which Rumold explores as formal abstractions while referencing the body. Using semi-translucent Mulberry paper stained with earthy colors made from regional plant and food dyes, Danila brings the components together with readymade art materials. Inviting everyday experiences and chance to catalyze the work, Rumold integrates the unconscious and conscious; art and life.



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