Danielle René Khoury


Danielle René Khoury


Danielle Khoury


Artist Statement

Becoming Mother (2013 – present) This is me, becoming mother. During this time there is no quiet, no stillness, and no control. There are only moments of falsehood, moments when I think I have it all together or all figured out. These moments are often followed by chaos and provide a nice slap in the face back to reality. The reality that I have become a mother to three young children and in the process left my previous identity behind.

There are moments of joy and laughter, but more often there are times of yelling, crying, and being pulled in three different directions. I find stability and refuge while photographing my chaotic life. I look for times of peace and sanity, which often times go by too fast to remember. These images represent the small amount of peace that I have as a mother and are a way to hold on to that peace for longer than life allows. These are the in between moments that came before and more than likely ended in chaos.

- Danielle René Khoury



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