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Artist Statement

I use textile materials and techniques, and most recently also sound, to explore experiences, as well as to make artworks that aim to become the vehicle to create new ones. My most recent project, New Universe: Discovering Other Possibilities, was born from my interest to explore the learning processes that occur between a mother and her child. What and how we learn, when do we learn, where do we learn, and from whom do we learn are some of the ideas that I have been investigating through and for this project. New Universe presents a group of works that take as their starting point moments and experiences within the family and in particular through the child-mother relationship. From these experiences, my creations explore ideas related to discovery, invention and the unknown. Thus, there are pieces born from daily activities such as playing, time spent with family and care labor, as well as those born from conversations with other parents and research. In its entirety the project included and exhibition, a workshop and several activities during a three month period at the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain. This project is still growing.
From Between My Legs, 2019, Textile based art piece.


From Between My Legs is a work born from the experience and exploration of motherhood through the interactions of the bodies of mother and daughter. Thus, this work, framed in relation to the natural world, refers to the acquired independence of the daughter's body, to the consciously feminist mothering practice and to the sexual pleasure of the body of the mother, events all of them that have the literal or metaphorically starting point in the place between the legs of the mother.

From between my legs
a new combative and vindicating being is born
that has made me rethink my limits
and the limits of what surrounds me.

From between my legs
is born the strength to understand
the world beyond binary conceptions.

From between my legs
an invigorating pleasure is born
and it makes me feel powerful.
Seeds For Resistance, 2017- ongoing, multidisciplinary (actions, works on paper, textile works)


Multidisciplinary project that stems from the conversations I have been having with my daughter. They are conversations about favorite colors, our bodies, super-(s)heros, comic books, feminism(s), illness, politics, sexuality, clothing, economics, racism, migration, fanzines, ecology, music, death, language and many other things. In progress.


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