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Artist Statement

Tethered is based on images I photographed over a 4 month period of time, documenting my life every 30 minutes, as I perform my daily roles of artist, mother, teacher, wife and daughter. This body of work investigates the tethering-effect we experience everyday, by portraying what a specific period of time looks like during different days of the week.

Using a mathematical formula, each image illustrates what a two hour period of time looks like as I balance various roles throughout the week. As unique as each two-hour interval is, certain consistencies also run through our scheduled days. The look and feel of a two hour period in the morning versus a two hour period in the afternoon conveys a very different set of characters, circumstances, interactions, responsibilities, and roles.

In comparison to today, past generations whether by choice or not were very segregated -- work and family life rarely converged. However with technology, today our lives have become more confused, intermingled, and merged -- thus creating the tethering-effect.

Pulling from thousands of images, I chose 4 to 6 images from the same time of day, but on different days of the week (e.g. 2:00pm-4:00pm). Once selected, I digitally slice the chosen images into vertical strips of information. I then reintegrate all the vertical slices to create a single, compressed image of time. Each print illustrates a two hour period. Tethered consists of nine large format prints (43" x 28" x 4 1/2") that document my waking hours of 6 am to midnight. Once compressed, and as in real life, all the the different events and interactions inevitably merge into a singular life experience.

Due to the mathematical equation used to create the work, the images appear to shift and change depending on the distance and the angle from which they being are being viewed. Because of the illusion produced, the work has been mistaken for lenticular prints, however, they are flat prints.



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