Mothers in Arts Residency


Mothers in Arts Residency



Mothers in Arts supports women artists who are also mothers and shines a light on the mother-shaped blindspot within the art world. It puts forward a discussion about a problem that affects many young artist women when they become parents. Even though many artists have children, parenthood - specially motherhood - remains stigmatized in the art world. Therefore, besides the physical and mental challenges of childbearing an added feeling of isolation can be felt by many mothers. We believe that women have to remain part of the art community after they’ve become mothers. Mothers in Arts is a platform for artists and through an artists in residency we want to stimulate young women artists with children. Being a mother is not a stigma; motherhood can accompany a successful artistic practice.


Mothers in Arts Residency (MA Residency) will be a studio space combined with a communal nursery. The Residency is specialized in supporting young emerging women artists, who are also mothers. Mothers in Arts is free of charge; the artists agree on take turns to work and look after each others children around an organized work schedule.

MA Residency provides studio space for 3 artists and their children. The residency invites emerging woman artists to apply whose children are between 3 months an 24 months old. (3 months is the given maternity leave in the Netherlands and 2 years is the age, when according to the new regulation of childcare, children are provided with 2 days a week subsidized daycare) This “in between” period is crucial for an artist-parent: through the strict schedule and the constant attention which a baby requires, critical practice becomes limited. The Residency gives young mothers an opportunity to continue their artistic development.

MA Residency takes place in Amsterdam between March 2017 and May 2017, and will be finished with an exhibition in June 2017.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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