Barbara Philipp


Barbara Philipp



Artist Statement

My point of departure is based on my physical awareness. The vanishing necessity to be physically present somewhere to act opens up a large window of questions, which I detect and elaborate in my work. The confrontation of the human body, its functions and its expressions in relation to society interests me the most. There is a displacement going on which I use for a redefinition of my own identity. The female body, which undergoes complex transformations, is still under the public spotlight when it comes to a justification of professional interests. Why should it be intellectually less valuable to talk about pregnancy in a theoretical context when a woman is also pregnant at the same time? This doubt still unmasks the western belief in the dichotomy of mind and body and its gender classification. I am well aware of the risks of subjectivity, yet I think that personal drives can lead to splendid creations and discoveries. For me as an artist, life and art are closely related and they interchange their influences. The division between an in- and an out-side, a private and a public, is constantly going through an osmotic transition.



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