Alejandra Herrera Silva


Alejandra Herrera Silva



Artist Statement

Alejandra Herrera is a visual artist and performer from Santiago (Chile), currently living in Los Angeles. She has been an active organizer, artist and teacher in the field of performance art for more than a decade and has exhibited her work extensively, both in her native Chile and internationally. She has produced and organized visual arts shows, such as the Annual Showcase of Students of the Arts Faculty of the University of Chile, exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago, "Av-ant Perfo", the first international performance art show in Valpara√≠so, and "Perfo Puerto", the First Latin American festival of performance art in Chile. Her recent performances question bodily sensuality and materiality, with particular emphasis on gendered power relations. She is mother to three daughters, four-year old twins Evelyn and Trinidad, and two-year old Diamanda.


New Maternalisms



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