Ann B. Coddington


Ann B. Coddington



Artist Statement

My artwork borrows the technique twining from the traditional craft of basketry to create a sculptural expression of my beliefs and experiences and how they are sensed by the body. I am intrigued by the process of and differences between feeling and knowing; body and mind. Ineffable memories held by the body are more potent, penetrating and enduring than those in the mind. The forms are actuated by this somatic memory in conjunction with and investigation of the dichotomies: strength and fragility, fullness and emptiness, masculine and feminine, fertile and barren, living, aging and dead.

Twining is a medium that has both the richness and familiarity of the textile surface as well as the structural integrity and expressive potential of sculpture. The hollow forms are membranes, thin skins separating the outside world from the dark interior. The openings where the two meet create a locus of intensity; the rim, the edge, the lip. These corporeal manifestations of bodily memories resonate familiarity, containment and emotion. My art is my voice, more than my words and in my work, feeling overshadows knowing.



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