Lesli Robertson


Lesli Robertson



Artist Statement

In my artwork and creative projects, I use textile based media as a tool for communication; to record and speak about the individual, society, and the hand of the maker. I work with concepts of time, labor, and cloth as a tool for personal expression. My current body of work explores the value of cloth on both a personal and societal level.

I create visual recordings through the use of detritus from my life and studio. These elements and works from the past are employed into new forms that serve to document and comment on the material objects that tangibly define the work of my hands. These are woven pieces, broken forms, and cut offs of previous works. They track time and place, creating a sequence of objects that allude to written text and recording through the use of fiber, concrete, and metal. Through community based interactive weavings, I am able to create works in collaboration with diverse individuals, providing each person a platform to express their ideas. I value textile objects and processes and by bringing them out of my studio, and recreating the way they are being perceived, I work to give the viewer a new perspective on their value.



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