Zoo Indigo


Zoo Indigo


Rosie Garton
Ildiko Rippel


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Zoo Indigo is an Anglo-German contemporary performance company based in Nottingham, founded by Rosie Garton and Ildiko Rippel. They have created performance work since 2002, touring regionally, nationally and internationally. The Company have devised many multidisciplinary performance works in collaboration with artists from a variety of disciplines, and produced a range of forms of work, including theatre-based performances, street interventions and interactive site-specific projects.

The performance work tends to stem from exploration with autobiography from performers and audience, with a focus on the innovative integration of digital technologies. With the use of humour, popular music and the reprocessing of cultural texts, (often iconic film images), the company juxtaposes the banalities of the everyday with the extraordinary.



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