Jacklyn Brickman


Jacklyn Brickman


Pleasant Ridge

Artist Statement

Domestic Landscapes are oneiric installations made with light, kitchen utensils and shadows.

The complexities of how we inhabit and engage with our surroundings and the entities we share them with are at the core of my work. Informed by the photographic process, larger works and installations tend to incorporate light and projection as well as sound or video while smaller scale works often consist of everyday objects and multiples. Simulating nature with man-made items and transforming life’s daily chaos into delicacy, my work edges between childlike playfulness and a longing for the seemingly out of reach. Grounded in the home and activated by life with young children, necessary and repetitive daily tasks are absorbed into my work and reappear to expose beauty through reflections on domestic life.

Homage to Heqet 


Mott Community College Art Gallery, Flint, MI


The complexities of how we inhabit and engage with the earth and the entities we share it with are at the core of my work – systems within systems.


Over the past two years, frogs and toads have been a vessel for my perpetual interest in the simulation of nature. This exploration has manifested through drawing, installation, video and sound.  My materials and habits tend toward everyday objects, multiples, and layers. Homage to Heqet is an extension of this work; An offering to frog-headed Heqet: Goddess of fertility, midwives, and newborns.


In the spring, amidst frog calls and blooming earth and henna on my belly.13 days later, a daughter was born into water, a force of nature.


Ritual is intention & process. I’m focused on honoring repetitive, menial daily tasks in mothering an infant, while embedding and reflecting on elements of our wetland counterparts.




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