Nicola Hunter


Nicola Hunter


South Tyneside
United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Over the last 10 years I have been developing an artistic practice which is rooted in image making and spans live work, documentations of its products & traces and the re-presentation of these in other forms. With performance at its core, I investigate themes around feminism, abjection and ritual with a focus on interpreting or creating experiences in my own body. I have an active interest in the anthropological body, exploring the ways that social, cultural and political dynamics shape the perception and understanding of the human body and how these interactions are interpreted through social engagement how they are controlled through mass media and the arts.

In 2014 I created 'Raising the Skirt' in collaboration with Dawn Felicia Knox, which has since had international success being named one of Dazed and Confused's photo series of the year 2015. RTS is a multi-layered arts project which calls for the (re)claiming of the cunt, we are working on representing a diverse and fierce femininity through re-appropriating the defiant act of raising the skirt which is buried deep into many of our cultures. 
'Landing in Her Skin' began in the spring of 2015 and aims to document the transition of woman to mother and back again, being a mother comes with its own otherness, this project will follow the lives of women and their ever changing body.


Born in North East England (UK), Nicola Hunter (formerly Canavan) has been performing and showing work nationally and internationally since 2007 within programmes such as Momentum Festival (Brussels), ]performance s p a c e[ (London), Inbetween Time Festival (Bristol), City of Women (Ljubljana) and SPILL National Platform (Ipswitch). She has collaborated with Predrag Pajdic, Manuel Vason (Double Exposures) and Ernst Fischer and has been awarded the Artsadmin Bursary, the Artists International Development Fund and has been financially supported and mentored by Unlimited, Live Art Development Agency and Pacitti Company.



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